Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity

Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity aims to ensure that every baby, child and young person treated at Scotland’s largest children’s hospital has the best possible care and experience.

Each year, 168,000 children from across the country are treated at Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Children. Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity sits at the heart of the hospital, raising money to help care for young patients and their families during the most difficult of times.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity is able to fund a range of projects and services to help care for Scotland’s children including:

  • Enhanced medical equipment to help hospital staff deliver the best possible care
  • Paediatric research leading the way to better treatment and care for children today and for generations to come.
  • Family support services to provide reassurance and practical support during dark and difficult times
  • Hospital Programmes bringing joy and excitement to children every day with the help of volunteers and our innovative play and events programme

To find out more about supporting Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, please visit: