The BIG Stampede App

Find and unlock sculptures

Open the trail to find and locate safari animals and hippos. Simply enter the 4 digit code found on the sculpture plaque to unlock your discovery. Plus you can give it a vote or share!

Collect Trophies

When you find and unlock our large safari sculptures you’ll pick up a few trophies along the way. Why not try and unlock all the trophies too? You can pick up trophies when you collect 3 safari sculptures in an hour, get an early start, visit the donate link and many more!

Big & Little Tails

Scroll through all the Big Stampede sculptures using the Safari tab and the Little Stampede hippos using the Hippos tab.

Your Stats

Track your progress around the Big Stampede art trail. Check how many trophies you’ve collected and what percentage of the trail you’ve completed.

App FAQ’s

How do I find the sculptures?

Open the trail to use the map, pinch and swipe the map to zoom in and out. Location settings need to be turned on to see your location on the map. Or go to the Safari and Hippo tabs and search for the name of the sculpture, artist or location.

How do I unlock a sculpture?

There is a 4 digit code found on the sculpture plaque. There are two ways to unlock it on the app. You can do a ‘quick unlock’ by clicking on the padlock at the top of the screen and entering the code there. Or you can enter the code on the sculpture page.

How do I add a photo to the Safari Gallery?

You can upload a photo to the app Safari Gallery by clicking ‘upload’. You will be asked to either ‘Take a photo’ or ‘Choose from library’. Images uploaded will be vetted by the Big Stampede team prior to being published on the app. Your photo will be seen by other app users and can be shared on social media. So get creative!

Shop listings on the map look out of date?

The iOS app uses Apple Maps and the Android app uses Google Maps. Both Apple and Google Maps are a little out of date when it comes to shop names in Hamilton. This is out of our control so we recommend navigating via street names rather than looking for shop names. Once you reach the correct street our sculptures are pretty hard to miss!

Need more help?

If you’re having problems with the app, please let us know by emailing the Big Stampede team at and we’ll do our best to help you. Happy trailing!